Mahnaz Ashrafi

Curriculum Vitae



  • PhD in Architecture, Geneva University, 2004-2008, Subject of thesis:Architecture Troglodytique, Approches et Sauvegarde
  • Masters of architecture, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tehran, Iran M.A Dissertation Title: Earthquake- resistant House: The case  study: Town of “Ferdous”

Professional Experience:

  • 2012 to present, Assistant professor and Director of Research Center for Conservation of Buildings and Fabrics
  • 2015, Scientific chair  of the second international conference on Troglodytic architecture, Tehran
  • 2011, Scientific chair conference on Troglodytic architecture, Kerman
  • 2009 to 2010, Vice director of Research Center for Conservation of cultural relics and buildings
  • 2001 to 2004 and 2010 to present, Manager of conservation and safeguard projects on cultural landscape of Maymand inscribed on the World Heritage List.
  • 2011 to present, Member of “ICOMOS”
  • 2009 to present, Teaching at the Faculty of Architecture and Urbanism, Tehran, Iran

Recent Researches:

  • Troglodytic architecture in Azarbayjan, Iran, 2015
  • Dossier of Cultural Landscape of Maymand for Nomination of properties for inclusion on the world heritage, Research Institute of Cultural Heritage, ICHTO, 2011
  • Dossier of Cultural Landscape of Maymand for Melina Mercury award who was wined the price of Melina Mercury concourse in 2005
  • Some experiences in organizing and preserving Maymand historical village

Recent Papers:

  1. Architecture and Conservation of Miandasht Caravansaries Ensemble, International Conference of Silk Road, 2016, Nanjing University, China
  2. Troglodytic Agriculture Heritage, The Second International Conference on Troglodytic Architecture, 2015, Tehran, Iran
  3. Participation active et passive pour une sauvegarde durable, 18th General Assembly and its Scientific Symposium, Heritage and landscape as human values, 2014, Florence
  4. Children and urban Public Space, The first National Sustainable Urban Public Spaces Conference Proceeding, Tehran, 2013, Persian version
  5. Existing Challenges in the Conservation of troglodytic sites, The First Troglodytic Architecture Conference proceeding, Kerman, 2012
  6. Typology of troglodytic architecture, Journal of architecture and Urban planning, Memary and shahrsazi, University of Art, Iran, 2012, No.7
  7. Risks to intangible values in safeguarding cultural heritage, International Symposium and Workshop on Cultural Property Risk Analysis, September, 2011
  8. Comparison of the Concept of  Ecomuseum with the Museums, Journal of architecture and Urban planning, Memary and shahrsazi, University of Art, Iran, 2010, No.4, Persian version
  9. Conservation Approaches in Troglodytic Village, Maymand- Iran, Melina Mercury Award winner 2005, Riadh,The First International Conference for Urban & Architecture Heritage in Islamic Countries: 2010
  10. World heritage and Necessity of inscription, The  Deputy office for cultural heritage, Winter and Spring 2009, Vol. 2 &3, Persian version
  11. Monde troglodytique, imaginaries,  Litérature et Architecture, HIPPOCAMP, Lyon, France, June, 2009
  12. Water and troglodytic architecture, Believes and traditions, The Second international conference on Water, Ecosystems and Sustainable development in Arid and Semi-Arid Zones, 6-8 May 2009, Tehran, Iran
  13. Typologie des habitats troglodytiques, Identification et classification de l’architecture troglodytique, conservation et réhabilitation : Cas d’étude: les villages troglodytiques en Iran, 5ème Journées de la relèves de la Société Suisse-Asie et de la Société Suisse Moyen-Orient et Civilisation Islamique, Basel, Suisse, 6-9 juin 2007


  • Persian (native)
  • French: fair
  • English: fluent