Protective Measures

Main Strategies  

-    Interdisciplinary approach
-    Participation                              
-    Preservation of Socio-economic, physical and environmental Structure                  
-     Minimum  Intervention                                                                            
-    Safeguarding of Sense of Place                                                                         
-    Development of Infrastructures                                                      
-    Development of Green Space                                                          
-    Holistic Indigenizes Approach          
Life Style                     
( Nutrition – Materials,    Remedies, Handicrafts, Traditions, Tools, Legends, 
Terminology, traditional Games,  ...   )                                           

-Vernacular Design                                                                                     

Management Plan
1-Short time plan                                                                             

    Property Inscription
    Identification of Zone and Buffer Zone                 
    Emergency Restorations                  
    Holistic Recognition                                                                      
    Management and Legibility                                           
    اRevitalization  of Handicrafts                                          
    Improvement of Sewage System                                    
    Demolition of Incoherent Constructions                        
2- Mid-time plan                                                                            
    Providing of Cultural Landscape Dossier                   
    Organizing of Saraghols and Abadies
    Capacity Building of Local Economy
    Organizing of Saraghols and Abadies
    Capacity Building of Local Economy
    Workshops and Meetings in Divers levels 
    Researches on Divers Aspects     
3- Long Term Plan                                                                          
    Action plans on Sustainable Local Economy
    Improvement of Life Quality                                          
    Improvement of Environmental Factors